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"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it." - Oscar Wilde

Personal Secrets

Personal Secrets - K.C. Wells

Aaaand the final one in my Personal bundle.

I'm glad to say: This one was a lot better than the other two. I actually really enjoyed this. Huge part of it, was of course, Ed. I adore this guy! He made me laugh, he broke my heart and he made it all better.

Because, I have to be honest, KC Wells' writing just doesn't do it for me. Even though I did feel better about this one, in the grand scheme of things, her style doesn't really speak to me. It's more the little things now, instead of basically everything in the books prior, but there is still a lot of telling going on. A lot of conversations and thoughts that felt artificial and forced to me. But I really liked the characters here. Ed was my favorite guy so far, with Colin coming in a close second. But Ed was the star. I liked how he had to work hard to open himself up for Colin and the possiblity of being with a man. The little misunderstandings weren't terribly original, but at least these guys were able to open their mouths and TALK.

So, yeah. Writing still not my cup of tea. But the rest of it was pretty good.

3 happy-and-farewell stars from me.