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"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it." - Oscar Wilde

Murder in Pastel

Murder in Pastel - Josh Lanyon

Oh dear...

I wasn't sure how to rate this. It is a classical Lanyon in a way. Short and sweet and bitter. With quite some similarities to Adrien English with an 'e'. But different enough that I was intrigued. And I liked Kyle. Sure, he reminded me of Adrien in more way then one, but in the end he was still his own "man", so to speak. He is a lonely guy, living a lonely life in an artist community, who never really got over the two most important men in his life leaving him. First his father, who oone day vanished into thin air. And his friend Adam, Kyle's first and somewhat only crush.

But guess what, Adam is back. Unfortunately, he isn't alone. He brought Brett, his lover and wild child.

It was an interesting set-up. I enjoyed getting to know the side characters, and I enjoyed reading about Kyle's inner struggles. But Brett drove me nuts. He was an asshole and in no way amusing or funny or even tolerable. His sob story didn't make that better. I don't care how hot he looked, he opened his mouth and I wanted to punsh him. With a chair. Seriously, at one point I briefly thought about quitting the book, because he annoyed the crap out of me. Of course I didn't but I sure as hell came close.

In a way, it all reminded me of the old Agatha Christie stories. One wild card shows up, turns everybodies world upside down and is then murdered. And everybody has a motive. Granted, it was a very naughty, a little smexy Christie, but still a Christie.

That would have been fine. I loved Christie's mysteries as a teenager and young adult, so like I said, I was intrigued. But in my opinion, Lanyon took it a little too far. There were so many candidates in the end, that everytime Kyle and me figured out that someone didn't do it, I got more irritated. Everything was connected, but then it really wasn't? I was so not happy with that. It was just too much, too crazy, too over the top.

I also had my problems with Adam, to be honest. He just didn't grow on me. Especially after some side-stepping on his part, when he wanted to be considerate of Kyle's feelings. Um... Don't get me wrong, but your are in realtionship with someone else, right? Granted, he is a grade A dick, but still. You might wanna think about his feelings first? Just saying... The relationship as whole didn't really work for me. It seemed, lacking, kind of unfinished? And the timing was so... weird. I was on board with Kyle for most of it, especially when he started to close off again and again. I mean, hello?! Things did have a weird pace, some very surprising moments, everything was happening awfullly fast and sometimes it felt plain wrong, which made me really uncomfortable a time or two.

All in all, a nice little mystery. The ending was a little all over the place, but it suited the story just fine. It just wasn't completely for me. Only 3 stars, because honestly? I'm holding Lanyon to a higher standard. Might not be fair, because this book was written quite some time ago, but it is what it is. I have higher expectations for Lanyon, so I was more then a little disappointed with parts of the story. But it's still a good book, and I'd recommend it to all the Fanyons.