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"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it." - Oscar Wilde


Trained - N.M. Pratt

Oh, this was really good!

It was a sweet GFY, actually believable in pace, time and development. I loved how Brendon and Jared both had to grow and jump through some hoops in order to make it work.

Brendon, overweight and in a rut, gets trained and coached by Jared, the fit but emotionally completely unattached trainer. It was sweet, it was sexy and it was full to the brim with all the feelz. The solution might have been a little too easy, maybe? I'm not sure, but that's really just a minor niggle.

What I liked was how the author really tried to get it right. Getting Brendon to be fitter and sexier was never all there was to his training. He also built up his confidence, he felt better and surer about his body; and it showed in the way he handled and carried himself in everyday life. It was all done in a way that didn't scream: "You can only be happy if your slim and beautiful!". That was something I was concerned about going in, because I see some dangers in this line of thinking. But like I said, the author got it right in a way that made it all work for me in the end. Really good, not too heavy, but intense and emotional nontheless. Definitely recommended.