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Waiting for Clark

Waiting for Clark - Annabeth Albert

Dear Author,
My friends and I love cosplay, and this year we’re going all out for our city’s con. Yup, we’re going to go as members of the Justice League. I’m going as Batman, but I can’t figure out who’s going as a Superman. My friends are being a little cagey. What’s going on? How did I go from not knowing who Superman is to making out with the guy?


What a wonderful interpretation of this prompt! 

Bryce and Clark meet again after years, and while Bryce is dead set on surpressing is old feelings and not getting close to Clark again, all "Superman" Clark wants is to get back to the easy connection they once shared.

Annabeth Albert hit the nail on the head - again - with this one for me. I loved the alternating POVs, but Bryce definitely was my favorite. And I loooved the shower scene! So sexy, but tender at the same time. This was a real gem. All the love from me!