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"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it." - Oscar Wilde

Double Full

Double Full - Kindle Alexander Clearly a case of everybody-loved-but-me

And I mean, I seriously didn't love it. Let me explain why. If you intend to read the book, stop reading this review now, because firstly, I'm going to rant, and secondly, there might be some spoilers in here. Not that there is much to spoil because let's face it: This was so predictable, you know what will happen after reading the first chapter. Which might explain my constant WTF - face.

Let's start with the writing in general. It wasn't bad per se. It might have been engaging even, if it wasn't for the constant repetitions, the flat but overly flowery prose and the constant flinging around of BIG words. I was wincing so often, my shoulders hurt for days after finishing it! Don't get me wrong, if you love cheese and fluff and sugar coated with even more cheese and sugar - you probably gonna love it. For me it fell completely flat.

Even though I liked Jace in the beginning - and what a beginning it was! - I was constantly asking myself if this was actually happening. The first scene is seriously hot. Closet case, locker room - you need anything else? YES! A FREAKING CONDOM FOR STARTERS! I mean - Really?! But hey, it's their first time. Why not barebacking in public? Wait, what? Oh god, there are so many things wrong with this scenario, I can't even... So yeah, could have been one of the hottest scenes I've read in a long time, but absolutely wasn't because I was so pissed off. And irritated! You "loved", stalked and watched someone for years, because you have such a big crush, you just can't help yourself and your first sexual experience together is THIS? Yeah, let me think about it... No. Just NO.

Cue fuck fest in Hawai - because they felt like it. Five days of fucking and smut and fucking and too sweet terms of endearment and throwing around the most sappy and unbelievable declaritions of love. After that? Homophobia to the max, brutality, cruelty, gay bashing, you name it. Years later you get the same thing again. Just without the expected coming to terms with the past. Shit happened, sorry for the inconvenience, let's roll in the sack until the cow comes home. Or the brakes fail. Whatever the fuck floats your goat, right? Right. No matter if you're a teen or 32, if your father has you by the balls, he has you by the balls. No way around it. Ever. Don't get me started on a supermodel on METH. Coce? Fine. Heroin? Great. Dope, alcohol, STD's? Bring it on. But show me ONE person to make a living with their body after years of taking meth. Ridiculous. An alcoholic with a glowing career in sports? Meh. Love of your life after five days treats you like shit and after ten years your feelings didn't change one bit? Of course they didn't. Uh-uh. What is this even? It felt like my own personal Twilight Zone. Without any fun.

Gee, I was so frustrated with this story. I didn't - couldn't believe one thing! Everything was insta, nothing was really resolved or even adressed in an adult way, no constructive discussions or actions took place. In the end I was so done with this thing, I didn't even try to pick up the second installment. And I am so sorry for that, because so many people loved this book, whereas I was the odd one out shaking my head, standing on the sidelines and feeling like I held a completely different book in my hands.