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"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it." - Oscar Wilde

Without Fail

Without Fail - Lee Child, Dick Hill Typical Reacher for you. As always, I liked this book. Tight writing, fast pace, action, suspense, twists and turns. Everything I need in a thriller is here.

What I also enjoyed was Child's intuition for the time. Shortly after 9/11, we see a slightly different Reacher here. Whereas in previous books, he "only" killed the bad guys in (more or less) self-defense, or in defense of others, his justification here is different. In this book, you have a group of agressors, and Reacher goes after them with a vengeance. His only aim is to kill, not to capture and punish, or only punish in the biblical sense. As a European, who was not as deeply affected by 9/11 as the American people, and as a German, with a vastly different moral compass when it comes to weapons, justification for murder and the acts in the name of anti-terrorism, it was probably a different readin experience for me than for other readers in other places. But in the end, it is adressed. And I made my peace with Reacher and his character traits, including his unapologetic approach to life and death, so I still enjoyed the book and easily gave 4 stars.