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"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it." - Oscar Wilde


Clique (Heartsville) - Jayden Brooks

This is part of the Heartsville Series, but can easily be read as a standalone.

The whole series is absolutely right for you if you're looking for something light, sweet and sexy, that is well written and highly entertaining.

Meet Adam, super-bubbly, super active, and still looking like he's barely able to vote, let alone drink. And he runs into Brandon. The serious dog walker, with a somewhat troubled past, who thinks he's stalked by a kid throughout the gayborhood. Which Adam doesn't, not really, but getting this misunderstanding cleared up and the deveolping tentative relationship after that, was really fun to read about. The over-the-top jealousy at one point really wasn't for me, it felt a little bit like being back in the 50s. Other than that, it was funny, a little sexy, and really sweet, and I absolutely adored Adam. 3.5 stars all around.