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"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it." - Oscar Wilde


Roomie - Jayson Wintergreene

Before I say anything else, can I just mention that somebody needs to fix this blurb! Now. I have no idea how or I'd do it, but the mistakes have to go! This book is really good and it's a shame how that blurb doesn't show in any way. At least the names should be correct, FGS. *now back to the book

Surprise, Surprise! I so didn't see this one coming!

Jayson Wintergreen was a completely new author to me, and this book seems to be his/her debut novel. And as such, it really surprised the crap out of me.

I have to admit, the 1st POV in present tense is not exactly my favorite. I was able to get into the story despite of it, but every now and again it did bug me a little. Also, I have a hard time reading a book when there are no pragraphs, spaces or anything really, separating one situation from the other. Most of the time it wasn't that big of an issue here, because I was able to determine what's what pretty quickly, but at one point or the other some kind of indication would have been nice, or maybe even necessary, just to make reading a lot easier.

One big issue was the word "like". Like, using it all the time, like, really. Like, even in sex scenes?! Dude! Like, so not cool. As you can tell, I am not a fan of the usage of "like" in every sentence, even if it doesn't make a lick of sense there. I know, it's conntemporary, and I understand that it's even realistic ina away, because many people tend to use it extensively. It still annoys me in my books, mostly because as an "outsider" I find it an irritating distraction. Especially in the bedroom, this word has to GO. Absolutely not my thing.

But these are basically all of my complaints. Sure, some tighter editing and proof reading would do this some good and make it an exceptional story, but in the end, I didn'T care so much all of the technicalities anymore. Because this book? Was. Great. I loved the characters so much, after a while my little niggles didn't matter half as much. Leo was adorable, he warmed my heart and made me smile a loon during my lunch break. Charlie was the goofball of the story, but in a very sincere and empathetic way. He was so good to his new, painfully shy roommate. This guy who was looking for a neat and quiet tenant, but got a great friend with a big heart instead. And a not so tiny crush.

"Hey, man. I'm Charlie," he says hoping to come off as both neat and quiet and as a non-smoker, all in that first initial greeting.

These two together killed me in the best ways. From the forming of a very tentative friendship to the first dipping of toes into deeper waters, I enjoyed the hell out of their journey. Le, the shy writer with a lot of insecurities, had a very hard time trusting anyone, but especially big and loud, outgoing Charlie who - on the other hand - has this incredibly sweet and caring side. Threw Leo every. Single. Time. But Charlie prevailed. He cared, he loved, he laughed, he struggled and he fought, and it was all worth it. Of course there were bumps in the road, some bigger than others. Things both men had to overcome, had to compromise on, had to fight for. Especially Charlie, who had a penchant for letting people walk over him in order to keep the peace and everybody happy.

Granted, the final "conflict"was very unusual, not only in its origin, but also in the way it developed and was blown a little out of proportion, IMHO. BUT. It all made sense in the end, and while the final scenes might have been a little cheesy and sugar-y weet, it didn't spoil my reading experience at all. I rooted so hard for these two, I was too happy to see their HEA.

All in all, I know that some readers will probably dnf this book, because the writing, the tense, and the editing issues will put them off. I can't really blame them, because there are quite some niggles. BUT. I can only advise absolutely everyone who likes a slow burn, young adult roommates, some hurt and comfort, sexy steam and a whole lot of feelings to READ IT. Read through it, don't give a crap about the technicalities and enjoy the sweet and wonderful MCs here. It's worth it. It will probably take some time to get used to the different style, but if you ask me? These two guys and their story make more than up for it.

Definitely recommended! A really great debut novel that I enjoyed immensely! And I'll just give it 5 stars, because even though I had issues - under other cirsumstances this would probably be more like a 3.5 star read - I still loved this and just can't help myself.