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"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it." - Oscar Wilde

Soooo looking forward to this one. Sounds like I'll enjoy the hell out of it!

ARC Review: Getting Him Back by K.A. Mitchell

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Getting Him Back - K.A. Mitchell

Ah, college-age. Being young and in love/lust, trying to figure out who you are, making new friends, losing and finding love.


I vaguely remember those times.


This book is told entirely from Ethan's POV, and Ethan carries this book. He's fun, funny, sarcastic, sometimes introspective, irreverent, kind, sweet, and a bit oblivious, but also insightful at times, and the voice he's given by the author perfectly fits his characterization.


Ethan gets to Coborn college as a freshman, having followed his boyfriend Blake who's an incoming sophomore, but when he finally sees Blake, the hot and heavy reunion he imagined doesn't quite happen. Instead, Blake tells him that he no longer loves Ethan "that way".

Ethan is depressed, unsure, full of regrets and mopes for a while. He cooks up schemes to get Blake back, one of which includes asking Wyatt, Blake's roommate, for tutoring, in order to get some intel on Blake's doings. That backfires, but then Ethan starts spending time with Wyatt just because and realizes that he's actually quite fond of the guy. And then fondness turns to more, as Ethan realizes that he cares less and less about getting back with Blake, and more and more about figuring out Wyatt and keeping him.


I liked Wyatt quite a bit too, even though we only get to know him through Ethan's eyes. He's a bit on the mysterious side, keeping himself hidden, for reasons we find out over the course of the book, but he's actually a really nice guy who did a stupid thing when he was younger and is still paying for it. He comes across as emo, somewhat of a loner, someone who feels he doesn't belong, which, as you find out more about him, is understandable, when considering his past and his medical condition, but it's also clear that he has feelings for Ethan, something that eventually comes to light.


What I didn't like so much is that the changes in Ethan's emotions came a bit too quickly for me. The whole book happens from the start of college until mid-November, so maybe three months at most, and while I guess feelings do change quickly at that age, I didn't quite buy the timeline here.


I liked Ethan's friend Makayla and his roommate Connor too, both of whom are good friends to Ethan, and who aren't afraid to tell him what he might not want to hear.


Overall, I did enjoy reading this. The characters' voices fit their profiles, their ages, and their actions and reactions made, for the most part, sense within this plot. Also, hot virgin buttsex. What this author does really well is make her sexy times not only hot and heavy, but also manage to infuse them with actual emotions beyond "I'm horny, must have you now". Nicely done!

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher via Netgalley. A positive review was not promised in return. **