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"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it." - Oscar Wilde

Moment Of Truth by Karen Stivali

Moment of Truth - Karen Stivali

Well, I'm not completely sure about this one and my review might contain mild spoilers.



The first installment was well written, a little sexy and a little sweet, but not exactly my favorite read. I still wanted to know how things would progress between Tanner, the man who screwed his girl right next to the man he claimed to have a crush on, and Collin, a sweet guy coming from a messed up family and not at all comfortable with being out of the closet.


The second installment starts out with Collin and Tanner arriving at a house on Fire Island where they're spending their summer working as waiters. But Collin is not used to being out, while at the same time his insecurities get the best of him now and again, driving him to the kind of ugly jealousy that is never good for any relationship.

The story was well written, the pace was good and I enjoyed Collin and Tanner growing together, getting more intimate with each other and exploring their physical relationship further. The many side characters were a little... tiring at times. They all had a story, they all had their own angst, and some of them just got on my nerves. Because while they all wanted to have "screen time", they also stayed kind of vague and rough around the edges.


What I really didn't like was the jealousy/misunderstanding part. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of the readers who absolutely hate cheating in a book. Also, what we got here was a very grey area, if you ask me. Not exactly cheating, but not exactly fidelity either. But the way it happened was absolutely not my thing. Not only did we get a "Big Misunderstanding" that was never actually explained, but the whole thing felt forced from beginning to end. Especially because at first I was very happy that Collin found an actual friend on the island - he definitely needed one - but it felt so... "cheapened" after everything was said and done. As if people can't be friends without at least making out once. Didn't like that part at all.


It also says a lot when I start liking the "other man" too much and when I am actually considering for a moment if the two wouldn't make a good couple.

It's all resolved in the end, maybe even a little too easily and with too many rainbows and butterflies. But again, it's "only" a HFN, and not exactly a very strong one.

So I'm a little torn. On the one hand it's well written, with good pace and two likable MCs that had their moments. But then I didn't like the "big drama" and wasn't a huge fan of the ending.


So it was okay, and I was curious if these two would ever get their HEA, but it wasn't enough to bump this up to more than three stars all around.