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"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it." - Oscar Wilde

I finally got around to writing a review for this one.

Wish Come True - Keira Andrews, Amy Jo Cousins, Suki Fleet, Megan Erickson, Anyta Sunday, Kaje Harper, Joanna Chambers

I enjoyed this one very much. Some of the stories were better, others a little weaker, but really good overall!


Plus, this anthology has a fantastic cause! All proceeds will be donated to Lost-N-Found Youth, a nonprofit corporation that works to "take homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youths to age 26 off the street and transition them into more permanent housing."  If that's not a good reason for buying it, I don't know what is. Definitely recommended! 



The Stories



A Very English Christmas by Kiera Andrews 



Isaac and David are tying to build a new life together ouside of their Amish community. But it isn't easy finding their way - and more importantly their own home in a world they don't completely understand yet. 


I liked reading about this two very much. They were just too cute together, their tenderness with each other was heart-warming, and they have one great support system. Plus, their creativity when it came to mistletoes was damn sweet and sexy. 



Mr Perfect's Christmas by Joanna Chambers


Sam's not job wasn't exactly what he was dreaming of. Small town, small law firm, unfamiliar cases and clients. He's feeling more than a little inadequate, and having to attend the firm's Christmas party together with Mr Perfect, the guy he's been trying to replace, doesn't exactly help. Although Nick is really nice to look at, and seems to be trying hard to get on Sam's good side. 


This one was really for me. I loved the enemies-to-lovers with a twist and a little misunderstanding mixed in. It was well written, it was fun, sweet and sexy. I loved it!



A Christmas Ship by Amy Jo Cousins 


Ah, hell yes! This was great! Injured football player Josh has been watching one TV show religiously every Sunday for months, always with his best online friend @princessglitter. On a whim, he decides that enough is enough, and gets on a plane to Miami to finally meet his princess. Well, surprise surprise! Because his princess is Benji, grown up twink  with glitter flip flops and a massage table. 


I love Amy Jo Cousins writing, and this one was no exception. I liked the MCs so much, and the ending made me smile and smile and smile. Even though this one was definitely more dorky and sweet than sexy, I still enjoyed the hell out of it! 



That Thing by Megan Erickson 


When Devin's sister needs his help with a wedding she is planning, he agrees with only a little bit of grumnling. What he didn't expect was to picking up a very grumpy but hot as sin best men from the airport. Sparks fly, trouble is right around the corner and the homophobic wedding guests are already waiting for their chance to attack. 


This one was hot and sexy, but also heartwarming and so enjoyable. I really, really liked it! 



Just Like Heaven by Suki Fleet 


This was sweet, but different. David, unbearably shy and one of the good ones, helps out Jess when a kid is trying to steal the money he made with his guitar on the streets. One boy, painfully shy and introverted, tries his best to bring a smile to the face of another boy with a lot of baggage from too many relationships with bad boys. 


Some of it was a little bit too much for me, and some of it just was too fast, even for a short story. I liked it, but didn't love it.



Not Your Grandfather's Magic by Kaje Harper


Now, for this one you need to keep an open mind. Zeb has been waiting for as long time for his 21st birthday, because that's when he'll come into his own Talent. His father said so. What he didn't see coming was Matt. Socially akward, a little on the clumsy side, and a real ginger. 


All I can say is: Don't overthink the premises too much, because in the end the real magic happens in a way you won't expect going in. I love Kaje Harper's writing, I like the way she spins her stories and lets her characters grow in a natural and fascinating way. This short story was no exception, and while it was heartbreaking in a way, it was also a little magical and full of hope and love. My favorite in this anthology. 



Bottle Boys by Anyta Sunday


I was a little sceptical going into this story. It felt weird to read about a student in Berlin, Germany chilling out in the summer, going on festivals, catching glimpses of a boy he really likes and struggling with his father at the same time. It was just so... close to home and I really wasn't sure about it in the beginning. 


But in the end, it surprised me how much I enjoed it the farther the story progressed. Ben and Sebastian are wonderful team, the side characters were sweet and the more I read about these two boys, the more they grew on me.