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"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it." - Oscar Wilde

Ty Hard by Laura Harner

Ty Hard: Willow Springs Ranch (Volume 1) - Laura Harner

Sadly, only 2 stars for this one from me.



Because honestly, it wasn't for me. The writing was okay, but didn't sweep me off my feet. But the story did have some potential. Tyler, out of the Navy and struggling with PTSD, clearly hasn't accepted his own sexuality and still isn't completely ready to accept himself. Cass one the other hand knows he's gay, he just prefers the casual, 'love 'em and leave 'em' - kind of "relationships". My problems was that I didn't really feel that, though. It's a short book, there wasn't exactly time for slow burn and a lot of UST. These guys pretty much went from insta-lust to some kind of love. Sex wasn't that complicated once Tyler got used to seeing another man's dick - at least he didn't act in a way that convinced me of his internal struggle with his attraction to Cass.


To me, the characters in general remained too flat to really connect with them, especially because the backround stories stayed pretty vague except for one or two key points.


Overall it was a little too much of everything packed into not enough pages. There was the PTSD, the struggle with sexualtity (somewhat), the commitment issues (maybe?), homophobia, violence and a little whodunit mixed in.That one wasn't bad, the revelation surprised me a little, but then it wasn't all explained in a way that left me satisfied or with answers I needed. Instead, the violence and drama felt over the top to me, and didn't fit with the general setting of the story. 


All in all, it was okay, but I had to many niggles and problems with it to give it more than 2 stars. I'm also not exactly interested in the sequel, so I think I'll just give this series a pass and move on.