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"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it." - Oscar Wilde

Sno Ho by Ethan Day

Sno Ho - Ethan Day

What the hell did just happen? I can't even... 



What happens to Boone when he winds up dumped on the eve of his one-year anniversary and ends up at a bar having one too many cocktails? Wade Walker.



Uhm. I have no idea where to start. Let's talk about Boone first, since it's his POV we're stuck(?) with. Boone is... different. Freshly dumped, but still staying in the cabin his ex rented for him - and how fucked up is that?! - his wallow in self-pity, rage and alcohol ends in the bed of a stranger. The next morning Boone can't get out of there fast enough.


At this point in time I thought I kind of understood what I was reading. Although Boone was like a firecracker - loud, crazy, all over the place, in your face - he also had a little bit of a human side. The writing was good, it felt natural and had a nice flow to it, and I think, if you are into Ethan Day's kind of humor, this book is pure crack and an amazing read. Unfortunately, my kind of humor is not that kind of humor. I understood the jokes, the snark, the references - but sadly, they missed the mark for me more often than not. It wasn't bad, just not exactly my thing. 


Until Boone meets his stranger again, who turns out to be his skiing instructor Wade Walker. What followed was one of the most messed up "morning/day after" conversation I have ever read. Maybe it was supposed to be funny, maybe it was supposed to lighten the mood or brighten my day, or crank up the crack, but for me it was just... NO. NO! You do NOT brag about fucking a completely wasted stranger - because let's face it, a discussion about consent is ridiculous at this point - and most of all, you do NOT describe a guy you alledgedly find great as a "wet noodle" in bed, or tell him how he really was a warm, tight hole to fuck. EXCUSE ME? 


I have to say, this little gem of a conversation spoiled most of the book for me. I didn't buy the hate-sex, I didn't buy the date, I didn't buy any of it. Not really. Because I couldn't get over the fact that Wade was so hurtful and cruel! Especially because it absolutely didn't fit with his personality - or the personality he had for the rest of the book. 


Boone, too, had his moments. Moments where all I could do was stare in morbid fascination, shake my head and question his (or my) sanity. 


It took ages - at least that's what it felt like to me - before I could take that story seriously again. Which was okay, because it didn't pick up for quite a while. Except maybe for the absolutely over-the-top crazy, out-of-their-minds busy bodies in the town! Like I said, pure crack. Just not exactly my kind of crack. I only got invested in the characters and their relationship in the last 10 percent or so. It was the only time that really made me feel something, made me interested in either of the characters, made me root for these guys. Which was of course when the book ended. Not exactly abruptly, but also not with a HEA, or strong HFN. It was more like a "We might be happy, but we're really not sure. Ask in another year or so." 


All in all, this book confused me, didn't make me laugh as much as it should have, and enraged me at times. I didn't care for the characters until very late in the story, despite the natural flow of the writing and the snark that I usually dig.




It did get me interested in the sequel, so it wasn't all bad. I'll stick to the 2.5 stars, because I absolutely couldn't get over The Conversation. But maybe that was just me. Like I said, if you can get on board with Ethan Day's humor, I think you'll be just fine and adore this book from beginning to end.