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"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it." - Oscar Wilde

Life in Fusion by Ethan Day

Life in Fusion - Ethan Day

Well, what can I say? I just had to pick it up.



Even after the issues I had with the first book, Sno Ho, it just couldn't not follow up on how Boone and Wade were doing after their holiday fling ended. 


And I am glad I did. 


For one, I felt like it was all a little more settled, a little slower, a little less confusing this time around. There still were some situations that made me cringe, shake my head, and didn't make me laugh as much as it was supposed to. 


The big difference this time was that there weren't any huge WTF-moments with the MCs, nor did I feel like one of the them suddendly got a personality transplant for a couple of minutes. The writing was good and solid, everything flowed nicely and freely. Some of it was pure crack again. Boone is just Boone and will stay Boone forever. I guess, you either like or hate him. There isn't a lot of middle ground really. And Wade - the good Wade - is so sweet, you can't help but forgive him for his awful screw-up in the first book at some point.


What I couldn't get into were the family dynamics. Both parties of in-laws were just too much for me, and way over the top. Especially the interactions with the little kids drove me up the walls. They were... different (?) on a whole new level, sometimes even disturbing or downright awful. The population of Summit City and the busy-bodies were a little better, or maybe I just got used to their special brand of crazy. The new side characters were good though, I actually understoood them most of the time and they did make me laugh more often. Granted, the bis bang and the solution in the end were a little off the rocker, but I expected as much. I was prepared for all-over-the-place crazy and I got exactly that. 


Plus, Ethan Day has a way with the steamy scenes that is just... Phew. Plenty hot, a little dirty and raunchy, but always tender at the same time and with a little naughty cherry on top. 


It was good, I enjoyed it, and I'll probably never forget about it. But it also didn't rock my world to the core. All in all, it was different, sweet and sexy, so I'll give it 3.5 stars and that's that.