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"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it." - Oscar Wilde

ARC review: Rustic Memory by Nic Starr

Rustic Memory - Nic Starr, Book Cover By Design

Aaaw, I think I really found a new go-to author for books that transport me to my happy place.


After reading Rustic Melody I had this big smile on my face and this sweet goey feeling in my stomach. So I was one happy little cmaper when I received the second series in the series.


And while this story contains some darker and more angsty themes, overall it still was a sweet and light read that brought me back to my happy land with all the love and rainbows. Bite me, on some days I need all the fluff I can get.


This installment though, really starts with a bang. Tyler, running wild with his best friend and lover, witnesses the tragic accident that ends his first boyfriend's life. Fast forward, years later he's still feeling the pain, but in addition to that, he has a whole new set of hurt, loss and loneliness he's bringing home with him to Armindale. Mac McGrath spent his whole life in Armindale, leaving his gangly, akward teenage years (in which he had a huge crush on Tyler) behind, growing up and growing strong, only to discover that his crush on Tyler Samuels might not be as long forgotten as he thought it was.


I really enjoyed their journey together, although I might have wanted a little more exploration of the dark side of things. Tyler's grief and pain are present, no doubt about it. And they still influence all his actions greatly. I guess I could have done with a little more grieving and coping. But then that's problably just me, plus: the loss was not exactly completely fresh. So yeah, that one's on me.


Other than that I didn't connect as much to these two guys than two the MCs in the first book - but again: that's on me.


It's still an engaging, sweet and heart-warming read and I definitely recommend it to everyone who is looking something that warms you up from the inside and makes you smile.




*copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*